Mortgage Broking and Lender Commissions Management Application


The Managing Director of a Mortgage Broking company knew the development experience of the core Dragonfly Software developers and contacted us to develop the next generation of their line of business system.

The solution covered their entire set of business activities, from the mortgage consultant contact management and loan application requirements, to the administration staff’s requirements of document preparation and enquiry support, from the finance area’s requirements to manage upfront and trailing commission requirements, to the senior management reporting requirements.

The ‘whole of business process’ application would end up providing a easy to use portal and dashboard web concepts for end users, that unified their various system interactions into a common set of tools.

Beneath the interface, the system would adopt the appropriate storage technologies for the various objects of data present in the system; Microsoft SharePoint for document storage and categorisation, Microsoft SQL Server for data management, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for reporting.

As a result of a well-tailored system that in turn was well supported by a local company directly involved with the development, the company was able to improve their customer service and financial performance that in turn improved the value of their business and highly attractive for sale.


  • Date : August 5, 2005
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Database Modernisation, Microsoft Platform Integration, Web Enabled Business Applications