Dragonfly Software was approached by the manager of Onkaparinga Council Youth Services who had a need to improve and standardise their data collation process from three different and remote Mission SA locations that ran their youth programs.

Standardising Mission SA’s program assessment reporting and improving the data collation process had measurable benefits for the council for their own reporting needs.

Not only were the effectiveness of their youth programs able to be measured consistently at all locations, they were also able to assess facility usage and establish an ongoing database of participants and volunteers involved, plus identify issues and trends to facilitate future program improvement.

Limited budget, existing IT infrastructure, and the geographical layout of the locations were all key factors in the design process.

Through an ongoing and consultative design process, Dragonfly Software designed a custom database that could be used within their existing infrastructure, with offline capabilities during the data capture process. This would be accompanied with a data submission process that adhered to current privacy laws, and a collation utility that established the data source for reporting purposes.

As a result of the software, Onkaparinga Council Youth Services were able to improve their service delivery in the areas that had the most benefit.


  • Client : Onkaparinga Council
  • Date : March 23, 2006
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Database Modernisation