Risk Assessment
Decision Support



An IT Support and Systems Integration company looking after a federally funded IT infrastructure were approached with an idea to build a custom solution. Knowing that Dragonfly Software specialise in custom software development, they introduced them to Dragonfly Software.

The idea was to develop an Online Decision Support Tool based on the National Guidelines for Water Recycling with the purpose of ‘making people think’ when evaluating a recycling water scheme for their council or region.

Through an ongoing consultative design workshops, working with environment and water quality scientific experts in the field, a series of application design drafts and software prototypes were created, resulting in an online web application developed to lead people through the decision making process.

Various application modules were developed, with business rules sourced from official, but lengthy, recycled water guidelines documentation. Operational and verification monitoring guidelines, as well as recycled water usage scenarios, water treatments and preventative measures, were all incorporated into this extensive application.

Once completed, the application would produce a suitable risk management plan that had all the necessary health and environmental impact factors considered.

Custom web application development, with intelligent back-end functionality and an easy to use interface, was yet again the end result from a Dragonfly Software project.


  • Date : May 14, 2019
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Database Modernisation