Secure and Integrated
Online Requisition


The Office of Recreation and Sport approached Dragonfly Software with set of requirements for their requisition request and approval processes.

Moving from a paper form process, Dragonfly Software’s design involved the creation of a smart custom-built electronic form hosting securely within their own Windows Active Directory environment. i.e. a Secure Custom Intranet Application.

This subsequently enabled the identification of the requesting user and their email address immediately. To keep costs down, a configuration file was used to set spending approval authority. When requests were generated, the online form data would be captured, along with the sender’s details to the appropriate manager with sufficient spending authority.

Providing a consistent and immediate requisition process that captured required information through form validation and structured in a printable format. Automated email templates improved consistency of requests for spending across the business.

This solution could be extended significantly in areas of approval workflow, audit tracking, re-routing and historical search and retrieval functions, but this application did not have the funding for all of this at the start. Instead, this application became the perfect example of where prioritising features under a strict budget can still provide a massive impact for your dollar.


  • Client : Office of Sport and Recreation (SA Gov)
  • Date : March 5, 2009
  • Tags : Web Enabled Business Applications