Records Management
Database Modernisation


An IT Support and Systems Integration company looking after the Legal Practitioner Conduct Board (LPCB) of South Australia contacted Dragonfly Software to discuss their needs.

LPCB were using a legacy records management system developed with a poor user interface and a data storage structure suitable for a slightly different industry. As a result, LPCB were constantly working around the software to make it work for them, and constantly interacting with a difficult set of tools and features that didn’t always make sense.

Dragonfly Software reviewed their system and prioritised their needs, holding analysis and design workshops to ensure the software developed possesses ‘common sense’ to the end users.

Implementing a progressive test and release methodology, Dragonfly Software was able to incrementally develop a well-tailored set of intranet applications that provided access to critical LPCB data that made sense to them, using modern web technologies.

The modernisation of their legacy database enabled exposure of these web interfaces through their SharePoint Intranet, resulting in key search and record keeping functions made more accessible and convenient to the wider audience.


  • Client : Legal Practitioner Conduct Board
  • Date : June 5, 2014
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Database Modernisation, Web Enabled Business Applications