Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS)


The sales and marketing manager of the pharmaceutical division of Mayne Pharma knew Dragonfly Software’s experience in contact management systems. When Mayne was bought out by Hospira, they contacted Dragonfly Software to ask whether we could design a new and improved Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS) for their pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams.

Through a series of software design workshops, a prototype was developed that met the growing needs of their teams and their changing set of pharmaceutical products.

A new web enabled EMTS application was developed with both Online and Offline Web capabilities to support the roaming (and sometimes) remote sales force.

Cutting edge .Net technologies and techniques were used within the well modelled design to provide the sufficient flexibility of the system over time in ways not possible beforehand.

As a result, specific marketing initiatives and customer responses were tracked through the system, whilst providing real-time data performance and result monitoring of the sales force.


  • Client : Hospira (Mayne Pharma)
  • Date : April 5, 2008
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Web Enabled Business Applications