Database Development


An IT Network Support Company contact Dragonfly Software to assist with the improvement and further development of their customer’s line of business database.

Taking over from an existing developer is never easy. Poor coding habits, a lack of system documentation, and an obvious limitation of skills and techniques meant that the Seed Broking company had to sometimes ‘work around’ the software that was meant to help them.

Custom software development services were offered to improve the user interface, add new functionality, make ongoing adjustments as needed to existing functionality that was never reliable, and provide a trusted and reliable source of information on how new Windows technologies would affect them and their systems.

Investment into your company’s systems, and invention of the technology, all carry a certain level of risk. Dragonfly Software’s slow and steady approach coupled with constant communication in layman’s terms meant that the financial risk was management and minimised as much as possible.


  • Client : Teague Australia
  • Date : February 5, 2012
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Database Modernisation