Corporate and
Regulatory KPI Reporting
Collation Tools


SA Water approached Dragonfly Software with a need to improve their collation of key performance indicator metrics and establish a consistent collection method for their regulatory reporting requirements.

Through our simple yet effective consultative design approach, Dragonfly Software designed and developed a simple web based application that provided the essential tools and features required by the Corporate Planning & Performance Manager.

Using Integrated Web Security and Active Directory. a new web application was tailor made to provide data providers with an interface to record key performance indicator metrics and clearly see their set of data provision tasks assigned to them.

The manager was provided with self-service tools for creating and maintaining KPI reporting tasks, frequencies, due dates, key strategies, strategic priorities, targets, and the people that provide the data and when they needed to do it by.

Preview and change history reporting, task reminders and an export to CSV/Excel feature rounded out the solution which was designed to be low cost, yet effective and easy to use .


  • Client : SA Water
  • Date : January 29, 2013
  • Tags : Application Design Services, Microsoft Platform Integration, Web Enabled Business Applications