What is TimeWise?

TimeWise is an enterprise-ready, integrated web-based timesheet management system designed for use via your secure Intranet on a Microsoft platform.

TimeWise supports work effort and attendance tracking, flexi and toil balances, leave request workflow with timesheet integration, full time and part time working arrangements, manager approval workflows, performance and reconciliation reporting.

Since 2006, the number of people using TimeWise has continued to grow and TimeWise is currently used daily by thousands of full time, part time, flexi-time and executive workers.

TimeWise is available on an enterprise or annual licence arrangement, with an engaging product development roadmap and committed support services to offer you an easy ownership experience.

When it’s time for powerful and user-friendly time management software.

So who uses TimeWise?

TimeWise is used daily by thousands of workers across a range of South Australian Government agencies.

TimeWise organisations value flexibility, efficiency and transparency in their approach to time management and enjoy the cost savings rewards.

When you need process efficiency and activity transparency from your workforce.

What is the TimeWise technical story?

TimeWise is an enterprise-ready web application designed for the Microsoft Server platform. Using Windows Integrated Security and a single sign on design, a centralised Microsoft SQL Server database and a suite of optional web and windows services, TimeWise supports the accurate data collection, responsive request approval processing, legacy system integration and reporting requirements of your organisation.

Is TimeWise right for me?
TimeWise's flexible configuration options can be customised to suit just about any organisation. Talk to us today about whether TimeWise might be right for you.

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